If you are a SILVA graduate we have resources to assist you even after you finish the SILVA course which you can access anytime!

SILVA graduates benefit greatly from regularly attending SILVA graduate meetings and SILVA meetup groups where they can discuss their problems, have their queries answered and connect and network with other SILVA graduates in their area. Some of these SILVA groups have been established for many years and have regular meetups. They are generally low cost or no cost to attend. If you are wanting to join a SILVA meetup group, you can get the SILVA graduate meetup updates all over India on our facebook page   www.facebook.com/silvaindia   and you can also join the SILVA facebook groups for your region/city in India by dropping us a friend request at   www.facebook.com/silva.india.co.in

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Are you planning, wish to organise or are organising, or even simply attending a SILVA graduate meeting or SILVA group, please do let us know so we can assist you and provide additional resources for your benefit! Please click HERE to let us at SILVA India know of any SILVA graduate meetings or SILVA groups and we can help you with resources such as provide health cases, answer SILVA queries and update on SILVA seminars.


Do you have a friend, relative or loved one whom you would like to benefit from healing? If so please click HERE to put forward a healing request which will be forwarded to all SILVA graduate groups and worked on by SILVA graduates all over India and the world! Enjoy the benefit of having hundreds of SILVA graduates send work on healing your loved ones with SILVA!


Do you have a SILVA success story? Would you like to share it with other SILVA graduates and with the world at large? If so, please click HERE and send us your story to SILVA India! We can even feature your story on the SILVA facebook page or in the groups if you wish.


Do you have a SILVA related query to do with programming or techniques? Would you like to get an answer or explanation to help you to find a solution to a problem you are facing? Now you can access the best solution from the expert SILVA trainers and instructors, anytime, 24/7 just by clicking HERE.