From the time SILVA was first brought to India by Dr Bimol over two decades ago, it has grown and flourished, firmly establishing its place in the hearts of thousands all over the country who have used it successfully to help achieve their dreams, be it health, wealth or happiness.

SILVA has been running in India for over 20 years helping more than 50,000 people so far who have learned and benefited from it's transformational and life changing techniques. There are many remarkable success stories where Silva has helped actualise profound and lasting positive change in people's lives - be it their careers, finances, relationships, health, education and general well being. 

Silva graduates include people from many different arenas of life - students, professionals such as doctors, authors and scientists, mothers, retirees, business professionals, sports persons, artists and those in creative fields and many more.


Many well known celebrities, artists, business professionals and even those in the political field have learned SILVA with the guidance of Dr Bimol. One such name is the renowned Padmashree architect, Dr Balakrishna V. Doshi who has credited Silva with furthering the creative dimension to his work.

Many students and professionals in the creative fields such as architecture, design and performance arts use SILVA to help enhance their work and performance.  But it is not only for creativity alone, there are many in the scientific fields such as medicine and engineering who credit SILVA for helping them in their work, too. 

Delhi based surgeon, Dr Rahul Sethia after successfully applying SILVA techniques on many occasions where medication failed - has even used SILVA techniques to help staunch bleeding during heart surgery in the operation theatre. In fact, he has gone on record to say that "SILVA techniques are wonderful in that remarkably simple and at the same time, highly effective". 

SILVA has practical uses spanning a wide range of arenas. In matters of business and finance, SILVA techniques have been used for financial, legal and commercial interests. Mr Y.N Sharma, 55 yr old businessman successfully used SILVA techniques to secure a valuable business contract against all odds. 

He says "SILVA is a valuable tool which has potential in many unexpected areas of life and work". Delhi based consultant Dr Bela credits SILVA with remarkable turnarounds in her fortunes, going from financial struggles to financial success in a few years. In matters of health, too SILVA has given remarkable results.  

Many unexplained medical problems, such as infertility, chronic pain such as migranes and neuralgia have been effectively addressed using SILVA techniques. Mrs Preeti Khandelwal, a stay at home mother of two used SILVA to help get rid of a debilitating skin condition which had plagued her for over 12 years.

According to her "my severe symptoms vanished within a fortnight, and my doctor was in disbelief at how this was possible". Cancer, diabetes and eyesight problems have been successfully managed - and in some cases with amazing results - using SILVA techniques.

Not only physical health but mental and emotional issues too have a place in SILVA. Ms Tejal Satra, a Mumbai based entrepreneur in the field of education and coaching says SILVA helped her immensely during her bereavement following her husband's passing.

Suffering from depression she was on the verge of resorting to psychiatric assistance before she learned SILVA and recovered her confidence and overall well being. 

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To sum up, one can say in the words of celebrity Feng Shui consultant Mr Rajesh Shah who says "just like Feng Shui, Silva helps increase positive energies to help one become more potent and powerful, even to the extent of being able to change one's destiny". 

Not only individuals, but organisations too have used SILVA for increased optimal performance. Dr Bimol has given lectures to over 200 scientists of the Bhabha Atomic and Research Council who were greatly impressed at its potential applications. Many media and educational as well as corporates have embraced SILVA.

Ms Cerena D' Souza, general manager within Larsen and Toubro participated in the SILVA course in 1991. She was so impressed that she went on to recommend SILVA to other employees too. She says that "by the power of the mind, mental functioning is enhanced greatly... employees have learned how to insulate themselves from stress and worked harmoniously much beyond office hours at optimum levels". 

Many other high level corporations, national media companies and respected educational and learning institutions have introduced SILVA as part of the curriculum and training for students, staff, employees and management professionals, and experienced profound long term benefits not just for the individuals but at the organisational level as


well, resulting in greatly enhanced performance benefiting the company as a whole. So be it an individual, a family, or a group of students or employees SILVA can help benefit at many levels from personal to professional to helping humanity as a whole SILVA remains unparalleled in its scope and applications.


 .....SILVA truly has something for everyone whatever the situation, and its wide range of techniques cover so many different arenas that no matter what chances are that there is something - probably many things - that you can use to change your life in ways you may have never thought was possible!