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The SILVA personal development course contains the most powerful system of mind training techniques available today to help you manifest your desires into reality....

...the next few pages you read, could be your first steps towards changing your life for the better and moving towards living the life you have always dreamed of...

This is your opportunity to change your life for the better and never look back

Over the next few pages you will be led through one of the most innovative, revolutionary and effective systems that can enhance your life by using the power of your own mind. Trusted, proven and scientifically backed, SILVA stands unparalleled in its approach and effectiveness. From personal development, to goal setting and goal achieving, to developing your intuition, to healing all the way to manifesting your desires into reality, SILVA can lead you step by step to possibilities you may have never imagined possible! 

The SILVA techniques are THE key to achieving your goals and living the life of your dreams. It is unique in that it is backed by scientific research and has delivered amazing results time and again making it the world leader in mind development - and making Silva a respected name that has won the love and trust of millions of people practicing its techniques all over the world.

Do you have a dream, a goal, or an ambition? Do you have areas in your life that frustrate you or problems that need to be solved? Do you feel the need to protect yourself from negativity and avoid bad 'luck'/negative energies? Or perhaps you wish to improve your life by attracting good 'luck'? Do you wish to top your exams or gain entry to your dream college or land your dream job? Are you looking to achieve success in your career and build your wealth? Perhaps you desire to hone your skills in sport or performance arts? Are you wishing for your dream car or dream home? Do you or your loved ones have health problems that need to be healed? Or maybe you require some help to overcome destructive habits? Do you wish for fame, popularity or even celebrity? Do you long to find true love and happiness or even commitment to your soul mate? Do you wish to enhance your relationships with the people you love? With SILVA you can even learn to increase your intuitive powers of ESP and clairvoyance -with astonishing results!

 ....Whatever you desire, SILVA can help you realize it - whether it is career success, education, wealth, love and relationships, health healing or even just finding the inner peace and spiritual contentment in life.... 

......We at SILVA India would like to welcome you on a journey of a lifetime!


Q. How do I know if SILVA is the right option for me? 

A.   We can understand your confusion.There are many self proclaimed gurus and self help courses out there in the market today who claim to be able to help you achieve miraculous results in anything from building wealth to enhancing psychic abilities to manifesting your desires - sometimes at very expensive prices. We want you to choose the right program and not waste your time and money needlessly. 

The SILVA course is the culmination of over 5 decades and millions of dollars of research. No other self empowerment program has the level of scientific and empirical backing that we do. You will not be able to find the same kind of thoroughly researched and perfected techniques and exercises we provide, in any other course. The SILVA course is the most advanced and powerful system of its kind on the planet. No other system, book or seminar has the kind of scientific credibility or social proof we have. We’ve spent the past 50 years perfecting this process, and we’ve trained over 6 million people worldwide. Most SILVA practitioners have been staggered by the speed of results coming in their life. This is why in over 110 countries globally, SILVA practitioners have helped this system become the trusted, respected and loved name it is today. The reason it has not just survived, but thrived is because IT WORKS, is effective and time and again has manifested incredible results in the lives of people. 

The SILVA system is THE ORIGINAL inspiration behind countless other books, programmes and seminars available today and over the years has influenced almost every major approach from EST to NLP to Landmark Forum, Lifespring, Mind Power... all the way to the Secret and the Law of Attraction. Most new age personalities from Dr Wayne Dyer to Jack Canfield to Shakti Gawain openly credit SILVA for their inspiration in their work. So, if you want the best for yourself, why not go right to the source where much of these amazing works come from? Why only work with the people that have evolved from it? Why not work with the source directly? This is why we strongly encourage you to get involved with the SILVA to take your life to the next level in terms of health, wealth and happiness. 

SILVA is for everyone, regardless of gender, age, caste, creed or religious background. It is a truly secular, scientifically backed, holistic, practical and proven approach that you can learn quickly and use easily. Click here for first hand experiences of Silva participants in India. SILVA is NOT an ideology, but a series of practical researched and proven techniques, tools and exercises that you can learn and use to manifest incredible results in your life!

Q. There are so many SILVA and SILVA style Courses out there today (such as online Courses,  'Ultramind ESP', Magic Mind /Miracle Mind / Marvel Mind Course, Intuition/ Mindpower/ Subconscious Mind / Mindscape Courses etc.) ...I'm so confused! Which are genuine and how do I know which is a fake/scam copycat course? 

A.   Due to the proliferation of copycat SILVA Courses we wish to ensure you stay safe and protected. As there are today many countless fake SILVA Courses and rogue SILVA trainers, and innumerable unofficial SILVA watsapp and facebook groups on social media, many have recently fallen prey to scams. We recommend you to please be careful where and with whom you do the SILVA Course. 

Please, beware of any trainer who claims to be offering a Course which they claim is 'just like SILVA'. Also be wary of any trainer who claims they can train you online via whatsapp or skype - this is a very substandard learning experience and simply unprofessional in practice, not to mention risky. 

There are also many India based trainers who have FAKE SILVA websites, or claim to be a SILVA trainer on their website or on Youtube videos - but they are NOT SILVA trainers! Please avoid investing in fake copy courses by any trainers who claim to be 'ex-SILVA trainers' - these are misleading claims for fake copy courses which do not provide any of the lifetime global privileges and resources as the SILVA Course does. 

And why overpay for a small standalone 'Ultramind ESP' Course (which is only a small portion - a tiny fraction of the complete SILVA Course) when you can get it all included within our Complete SILVA Course as a BONUS!

The official, authentic and original SILVA Courses conducted by us are designed to ensure the best possible experience for you and the best investment of your time and money. We offer the complete package which includes the :

SILVA BLS (original Basic SILVA Course)
    .....and SILVA Ultramind ESP as well! 

So you get ALL the certification of these four SILVA Courses which is globally recognised!No other SILVA Course or trainer in India can provide the complete and full package as we do.

In addition, our team of SILVA trainers are groomed to international professional standards, and wear the SILVA brand logo uniforms and badges to be recognisable as genuine. With the authentic SILVA Course you will NEVER be indoctrinated with any religious or 'occult' ideology. We are strictly scientific, secular, and focus purely on the real authentic SILVA techniques only and never mix it with other techniques/ brands/ ideologies/ methods.

To repeat the SILVA Course, in India or internationally, you are required to have a SILVA ID card in addition to the SILVA certificate. Please be aware that any authorised SILVA Course is required to provide you with this. If a SILVA Course does not offer the authentic internationally valid SILVA ID card with barcode seal number - please be aware it is probably a fake SILVA Course. You should ensure that you are investing your money wisely in a proper authorised SILVA Course under a SILVA trainer who has been officially trained. We recommend you always double check with SILVA India Head office to double check any SILVA Course in India, and the trainers credentials - before investing your hard earned money. We would be happy to assist you in any way.


Q. I am interested to register for a SILVA course in India, how can I do this? 

A.   The first step you need to contact us through our online message box here or through our message box below further down this page, and we will send you full details about the next SILVA Course dates, venues and schedule all over India, and instructions on how to reserve your seat. Seats are limited and demand is high so we urge you to not leave it too late to avoid missing out! 

SILVA India courses are conducted in deluxe ambience venues with all facilities included. Once you arrive, just sit back, relax and let us take you through step by step. The SILVA course consists of guided exercises, which teach you how to put yourself in a relaxed, meditative state (scientifically termed the "alpha" level - a relaxed mental state which exists between sleep and awake states). Within the course you will be taught techniques incorporating visualization, concentration and meditation which can be used at this meditative level of mind to manifest incredible results in your life! With SILVA, you will experience life changing moments WITHIN the course itself! Sudden coincidences, health improvements, flashes of intuition will prove to you without a doubt how effectively these powerful techniques actually work. 

Click here for the full course contents for the complete SILVA Course

SILVA courses are fun too! You will get the opportunity to meet wonderful new people and gain friends along with having some amazing life experiences. You will also receive everything you need to help you practice and apply Silva to your life on attending the course. After completion you will also be provided with a certificate after which you are qualified as a SILVA graduate (internationally recognised).

But best of all, with the wealth of techniques and exercises which may seem like a lot of ground to cover in just a few days you need not worry about just having only one chance to take it all in because, amazingly, you will be eligible REPEAT this course any time, as many times as you like, for all of your life!! So whenever you need a refresher, or just want to practice techniques you may not have used for a while, you can come and re attend the entire course!*

 *seminar repeat is at a discounted charge as fee may be included to cover seat charge and/or refreshment charges as required by the venue




Q. Where are the SILVA courses held in India? Can you conduct it in my city? 

A.   Currently SILVA courses are conducted in the major metropolitan cities in India. In case you do not live in one of these four cities and you would still like to attend a SILVA course where you live, please contact us through the contact box below, and we may be able to organise a SILVA course in your area! 








For SILVA India COURSE SCHEDULE dates and venues, or any other query, please contact us directly through our message box below for quick response



The pioneer of SILVA in India is Dr Bimol, who is solely responsible for introducing SILVA to India. Dr Bimol is a qualified psychorientologist and trained in the subject directly under the creator of SILVA, Jose Silva himself. With Jose Silva, Dr Bimol even participated in research into the science of Psychorientology. He is listed as the SILVA head of India by SILVA International headquarters see here.

Dr Bimol is also a multi award winning world renowned lecturer and author of countless articles and publications on the subject of mind training and personal development. He is also the recipient of several distinguished awards including the Seva Ratna award (2000), Siromani Award for Alternative Medicine (2001) and the Rashtra Ratna award (2003).

He has been responsible for training many thousands of people over the course of almost two decades, and has been recognised for his many efforts to assist in humanitarian causes by notable and respected authorities including the Times of India, and has been featured in Zee National documentaries based on his life and his work. 

 " I welcome you to join me and experience for yourself some of the most original, and incredibly powerful tools and techniques to help you use your mind in a special manner and achieve things you may never even have imagined possible before...  open your mind and let me guide you through the journey of a lifetime! "