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The SILVA personal development course contains the most powerful system of mind training techniques available today to help you manifest your desires into reality...

...the next few words you read, could be your first steps towards changing your life for the better and moving towards living the reality you have always dreamed of...

This is your opportunity to change your life for the better and NEVER look back!

Trusted, proven and scientifically backed, SILVA stands unparalleled in its approach and effectiveness. From personal development, to goal setting and goal achieving, to developing your intuition, to healing all the way to manifesting your desires into reality, SILVA can lead you step by step to possibilities you may have never imagined possible! 

The SILVA techniques are THE key to achieving your goals and living the life of your dreams. It is unique in that it is backed by scientific research and has delivered amazing results time and again making it the world leader in mind development - and making Silva a respected name that has won the love and trust of millions of people practicing its techniques all over the world.

Do you have a dream, a goal, or an ambition? 
Do you have areas in your life that frustrate you or problems that need to be solved? 
Do you feel the need to protect yourself from negativity and avoid bad 'luck'/negative energies? 
Or perhaps you wish to improve your life by attracting good 'luck'? 
Are you looking to achieve success in your business and build your wealth? 
Perhaps you desire to achieve the perfect body...
 or to top your exams or gain entry to your dream college...
 or find your desired job or dream career?  
Are you wishing for your dream car or dream home? 
Do you or your loved ones have health problems that need to be healed? 
Do you wish for fame, popularity or even celebrity? 
Do you long to find true love and happiness or even commitment to your soul mate? 
Do you wish to enhance your relationships with the people important to you?
Do you want to attain a deep sense of meaning and purpose in your life?

 With SILVA you can even learn to increase your intuitive powers of ESP and clairvoyance
 - with astonishing results!

 ....Whatever you desire, SILVA can help you realize it - whether it is career, success, education, wealth, love and relationships, health, healing or even just finding the inner peace and spiritual contentment in life.... 

......We at SILVA India would like to welcome you on a journey of a lifetime!



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Q. Is SILVA truly suitable for everyone?

A.Those who have attended our SILVA Course include people from many different arenas of life - students, professionals such as doctors, authors and scientists, mothers, retirees, business professionals, sports persons, artists and those in creative fields and many more. 

Many well known celebrities, artists, business professionals and even those in the political field have learned SILVA through SILVA India, and have spoken openly about how SILVA has benefited them!

Q. Why is SILVA India the best option for doing the SILVA Course?

A. SILVA has a long and prestigious history. Jose Silva undertook significant research into parapsychology and ESP before developing the SILVA Course in Laredo, Texas, in 1944. Eventually the research led to the creation of a program that has helped millions of people worldwide change their lives for the better.

SILVA was brought to India in the 1990’s by Dr Bimol who studied psychorientology directly under Jose Silva himself, and with Jose even participated in research into the science of Psychorientology. He is the Director and Country Head of SILVA in India and is the CEO of SILVA India and with Jose Silva,and is listed as the SILVA head of India by SILVA International headquarters on their website.

In the early years of SILVA in India, Jose Silva himself came to India to conduct the SILVA programs, and together with Dr Bimol SILVA India was able to offer special accelerated programs developed by Jose personally, which are especially suited to the participant needs in India. 

We are the oldest, most longstanding and only providers of the full SILVA audio visual experience which no one else is able to offer like us. In addition we are also the only ones who can provide ALL the international certification for ALL the SILVA Courses available. This includes :

The SILVA Method BLS (Original) SILVA Course

SILVA Ultramind Course

The SILVA Ultramind System

SILVA Ultramind ESP System

SILVA Life System Program

SILVA Intuition System Training

SILVA 'Ultra' Advanced Course

SILVA YLS (Foundation) Course

SILVA Introductory Course

SILVA Health and Healing (special Covid-19 package) Course

SILVA Method Mastery Course

SILVA Manifestation Course

SILVA Children's Course

The SILVA Training Program for Students

SILVA Mind Power & Memory Course

SILVA Ultramind Advanced Course

SILVA Holistic faith Healing Course

SILVA Weight Loss & Fitness Program

SILVA De-Addiction and Recovery Program 

SILVA for Sales & Staff training

SILVA for Corporate & Business Managers


...and many more! 

Over the last three decades, we at SILVA India have been responsible for training many thousands of people all over the country and overseas. We have perfected the SILVA Course training in both English and Hindi, and thus what we offer is extremely suitable for India and Indians. We have fully customized programs especially for the people of India. 

Q. I am interested to learn the SILVA course, how can I do this? 

A.   Whether it would be your first SILVA Class or whether you have already attended SILVA Classes before simply click on the link below to be forwarded to book in for the SILVA Course.

You will be sent full information and details to your email address regarding the SILVA Classes all over India, and instructions on how to reserve your seat including booking and registration links.




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