The SILVA System of personal development contains the most powerful techniques available today to help you manifest your desires into reality....

Do you have a dream, a goal, or an ambition? Do you have areas in your life that frustrate you or problems that need to be solved? Do you feel the need to protect yourself from negativity and avoid bad luck/negative energies? Or perhaps you wish to improve your life by attracting good luck? Do you wish to top your exams or gain entry to your dream college or land your dream job? Are you looking to achieve success in your career and build your wealth? Perhaps you desire to hone your skills in sport or performance arts? Are you wishing for your dream car or dream home? Do you or your loved ones have health problems that need to be healed? Or maybe you require some help to overcome destructive habits? Do you wish for fame, popularity or even celebrity? Do you long to find true love and happiness or even commitment to your soul mate? Do you wish to enhance your relationships with the people you love? 

SILVA can help you tremendously in ALL these arenas - by enabling you to learn exactly HOW to use more of your mental abilities - in ways you may have never thought possible. With SILVA you can even learn to increase your intuitive powers of ESP and clairvoyance -with astonishing results... after experiencing the new abilities you will acquire through learning SILVA, you will wonder how you ever managed without it before  - SILVA really is a life changing experience.

With SILVA you can learn how to meditate deeply in an instant

The revolutionary techniques are like acquiring and developing an experential skill. Experential skills can only be learnt through practical experience -like driving or swimming. You can read all the books you want but theoretical knowledge cannot compare to the actual experience, practice and skill of doing the techniques - and this is why attending the Silva Method Classes with a master trainer in person is CRUCIAL to actually learn and perform the essential techniques  - after which you can use them to achieve incredible and even miraculous results in your life!

Q. What are the benefits of meditation?

A. Meditation is a powerful tool. It calms you, connects you with your source, clears your mind and leaves you more centered. It helps you make better decisions, become healthier, and feel happier about life.

  ...Did you know that stress has been scientifically proven to cause 90% of all illnesses as well as weaken your immune system ? (source TIME magazine, August 4th 2003 devoted an entire issue to Meditation and credited it as a solution to a wide range of illnesses from skin conditions, stress, and chronic heart disease to AIDS and infertility. It even reported that “meditation can sometimes be used to replace Viagra.")

The stressful lives many of us live today are not healthy for the body or mind. Stress affects nearly every part of the body, and the effects are generally negative. Studies show that a stressful lifestyle can literally kill us by increasing toxic stress hormones in our bodies. These hormones contribute to a host of chronic diseases, such as heart trouble, cancer, and arthritis. 

Stress wears us down mentally as well. Right now, his may be a wake up call for you to stop and ask yourself if a successful career is important enough to compromise your physical or mental health over? And if something happens to you, how will loved ones cope? 

Once you realize how toxic our current lifestyle can be, you begin to appreciate the benefits of meditation much more easily. Once you start practicing meditation for a while, new and amazing benefits of mediation will arise.  

Meditation helps to lower the blood pressure and lessens stress hormones in the bloodstream. In fact, meditation helps create feel-good hormones such as endorphins, serotonin etc. which make us feel relaxed and help counteract the negative effects of stress. Hence you may notice that your mood improves rapidly. You will find the effects of long-term stress, such as a panic attacks, a chronic feeling of tension or confusion etc. slowly disappearing. In the short-term, you’ll notice some things right away. Depending on how stressed you are to begin with, these changes may be quite dramatic. You will learn to remain calm and centred even in times of high stress, with Silva.


Start meditating with the SILVA – which contains scientifically-tested and empirically proven guided meditation techniques that quickly and naturally allow anyone to enter the alternate state of mind known as the ‘alpha level’, so you can put your mind and body in a state conducive to healing, where your cells repair, your immune system strengthens, and physical disease and pain symptoms are reduced. In addition, latest research increasingly suggest that meditation can bring about near miraculous healing of serious diseases as well. 

SILVA techniques can help you not only to meditate but also to sleep better!

Are you one of those people who toss about restlessly trying to sleep but to no avail? perhaps you have suffered from chronic insomnia or even take sleeping pills from time to time?   ....Or perhaps you are the kind of person who has trouble getting up on time and this too can turn into a problem of feeling sluggish and tired all day, or cause you to run chronically late for appointments? ...But don't worry any more because now, with SILVA techniques you can learn to get to sleep whenever you need to quickly, easily and naturally, and wake up refreshed after the best sleep of your life! 

The techniques are so effective you may never need to use an alarm clock again no matter what odd hours you may need to be up!  -also think how handy it would be if you could keep awake in case you are feeling drowsy especially in dangerous situations like when you are driving and tired or maybe falling asleep in an important classroom lecture...

Did you know you can even use SILVA techniques in your sleep?

Have you ever had moments when there simply seems to be not enough time available to get all the things you want done in the amount of hours you have in a day? Well now, you will find how you can even use your sleeping time to do things even while dreaming! yes that's right - you can now go beyond mere dream recollection and dream analysis -now you can learn how to use your dreams to work for you while you sleep!


Study better with SILVA technoques - improve concentration, motivation, memory and increase grades!

Have you ever wondered how some people struggle to pass even after hours of study while others breeze through with flying colours with seemingly little no effort at all? Now with Silva techniques, you too can learn the secrets of how geniuses use their mind to develop a photographic memory and recall and how you can speed through your study leaving you more free time to do other things. With Silva you can learn faster, remember better and improve grades  making it a valuable tool for all students.

...Did you know that Scientifically researched studies prove the effectiveness of SILVA techniques for developing creativity and improving memory and intuition?  (source - In the year 2007 a research project conducted at Appalachian State University, North Carolina by Dr. George Maycock demonstrated that students who completed the Silva training showed a significant increase in creativity and intuitive functioning. Of the 30 students who participated, 25 showed gains in intuitive abilities. Four of the other five who did not show improvement were already functioning in a high intuitive mode before the training. Intuition is valuable for students- and for adults too.)


If you are a parent, please don't miss the chance to give the gift of SILVA to your children - it will improve their study performance, memory and concentration, focus and motivation, and best of all develop their confidence to not only perform better in exams but also give them a head start in life which will pay dividends for the rest of their days. In today's competitive world, the advantage that Silva can give your kids is priceless -just think of how SILVA can give your child a better, brighter future and the cutting edge above all the rest of the competition! 

Q. Can SILVA can help me help lay the best foundation for life for my children?

A. Yes! SILVA can be used as an essential tool to not just help you communicate with your family your kids (especially if they are teenagers), but also to motivate and enable them to get a head start in life.

Growing up is a stressful experience these days. Why not give your child the resources to handle this experience better? By managing their thinking they can work smarter, not harder, to achieve a more balanced integrated life. Your child’s confidence will rise as well as their grades as he/she begins to understand and use his/her full power. With Silva they will start with a positive attitude in life, increase their creativity, focus for problem solving and goal achieving. They can increase their memory and recall to enhance their academic performance, and start using life tools to enhance their personal life as well.


SILVA can help in taking your career success to the next level!

The techniques in SILVA can help you advance in your career. Many top-shelf corporations, including RCA Records, Green Mountain Coffee and The Arnold Agency, have sent their employees for Silva training. Benefits have been reported in various areas, including amplified creativity, improved business management, enhanced motivation and better stress management. Robert Stiller, the CEO of Green Mountain Coffee, says “SILVA demonstrates that there is no limit to what the mind can do"


Use SILVA to increase your self confidence and stand out in a crowd

Even if your self confidence was shattered early in life due to a traumatic or poor experience – now with SILVA you can heal  yourself and move forward! With SILVA techniques you can learn how to attract the right kind of attention and be the kind of person you have always wanted to be whether its popularity, love or respect get the response that YOU desire!

Studies have shown that the SILVA techniques can help you to boost your self confidence and lead you to becoming more self-assured, positive and healthy. 


Q. How can Athletes and Sports people use SILVA ?

A. Many athletes use meditation to boost their performance. The reason this works is that meditation puts you in the alpha state. Often you hear of athletes talk about “the zone” referring to their optimal performance periods.  This is actually when athletes are in alpha level. Studies performed of some of the world’s most elite marksmen show a significant burst of alpha brainwaves just before perfect shots.  Further research shows that pro-athletes have far more alpha rhythm than other athletes. The Silva Method is scientifically proven to help you easily achieve the alpha brain wave level. this combined with powerful visualization and concentration techniques can enhance your performance significantly.

Use SILVA techniques to get the body you always dreamed of!

Whatever your preference - you can now achieve the body of your dreams! whether you have been struggling to control your weight, build a muscular and toned body, or even stick to the healthy diet that is ideal for you the SILVA can help you achieve your aims by building your motivation, encourage discipline that will help you effortlessly stick to your routine without having to use forceful (and often counter productive) willpower on its own.

If you have ever made resolutions to go to the gym and then broken it off after a short while, or try to stick to a healthy diet and control calories but find yourself getting tempted and feel unable to stop yourself from snacking on food which can be damaging to your health, now with Silva you have the tools to be able to overcome cravings and habits so there is no longer anything holding you back! 

Remember though, with SILVA it is not only the development of new and good habits that you can be helped with, SILVA techniques can help overcome health destructive habits such as narcotics addiction and alcoholism as well Whether its for yourself if you desire to break a bad habit that may have been part of your lifestyle for years, or if you have suffered the heartbreak of seeing loved ones under the influence of destructive habits, SILVA tools can help to overcome harmful addictions and habits. Give a loved one the gift of Silva - it can change their life for the better! 

Heal yourself with SILVA  - Meditation – not just medication!

If there’s one thing you don’t want to cut corners on, it’s your health. What we must all realize is there’s an important piece to the puzzle of holistic health. A step that most people never take, that most doctors won’t even tell you about, and that could make all the difference to your wellbeing. That step is learning to awaken your mind’s natural healing ability. The scientific community and health professionals are finally beginning to speak out about a concept Jose Silva knew and taught for years—that the mind is a powerful driving force behind healing. 

Using personal case working techniques detailed in the SILVA Course, you will discover scientifically proven mental visualization methods that have been indicated to condition the mind’s natural healing capabilities, which in turn can lead to improved physical and emotional healing. Many have used it to manage serious illnesses and minor ailments, and some simply to improve their overall well being while working with their doctors. The SILVA techniques could be the solution you need to a lifetime of holistic health. 

Whether it is you heart health, blood cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension,or if its infections, chronic fatigue or even cancer or on the other hand embarrassing problems like acne or scarring or even delaying the onset of wrinkles, Silva techniques can help you transform and heal from the inside out. 

Q. How can SILVA Meditation help sufferers of Depression?

A. With SILVA you will learn how to enter a deeply relaxed meditative state at will. This is when your brain is consciously at the alpha level at 7-14 cps. Alpha brainwaves increase the amount of serotonin that the brain produces.  

Serotonin is the chemical in the brain that stimulates feelings of well being, happiness and joy. Research shows that when a person is depressed, they have lower than normal serotonin levels. Did you know that many anti-depressant drugs are in fact designed to release serotonin? Using SILVA you can help yourself to correct imbalances in the body and with all the benefits of alpha level, it is no wonder that people who practice meditation are on average happier and healthier than before! 


Q. How can I use SILVA to help me in the arena of relationships?

A. When it comes to success and happiness in the arena of relationships in your life, why be a helpless victim and leave things to chance or luck? Now with the SILVA Method, you can be the master of your destiny and experience the happiness you have always hoped for. SILVA is ideal to help in any relationship situation, whether it is dealing with a difficult spouse or to help heal emotionally, you can achieve focus and peace. You can even use SILVA to attract the perfect partner into your life!  

Use SILVA techniques to manifest what you desire in your life!

Most of us are familiar with the law of attraction - which says you can bring what you desire to manifest in reality by focussing on it and thinking positively, but many find that it doesn't always work as effectively as it should -until now!  

SILVA truly gives THE REAL TRUE and ULTIMATE HIDDEN SECRET behind making the Law of Attraction actually work for you time after time - with SILVA you truly can make your life truly MAGICAL! By using a combination of techniques to increase intuition at the Alpha level of the mind and improve your CREATIVE VISUALIZATION you can now begin to live the life you always dreamed of. As tens of thousands of SILVA trained people all over the world can attest, the results can be simply miraculous. 

Q. What is visualization and how does it work 

A. Visualization is a powerful tool which works in a combination of ways. To start with, visualization activates the Law of Attraction. Once your subconscious mind latches onto an idea, it begins to work by generating its own momentum. Your subconscious can effortlessly lead you to your goals. Secondly it motivates you to do what you need to achieve your goals. This motivation will allow you to take the steps needed to fulfill your dreams.

There is a well known phrase that says ‘thought pre­cedes man­i­fes­ta­tion’.  This means that before you can have what you desire, you must think it.  You must align your­self in a pos­i­tive posi­tion first and you do this through your thoughts.

Practicing manifestation means developing the ability of creating your own reality exactly as you want it. It can be anything you want to achieve, from a car to a house, from a business career to the partner of your life. Today this phenomenon is commonly referred to as the Law of Attraction. 

SILVA techniques can help you unlock the SECRET key to success in your life so that now you too can follow in the footsteps of some of the most successful people in the world and start visualizing your dreams today and change them into reality!