SILVA India regularly conducts course for corporations, companies and business and educational institutions. These have proven extremely beneficial not only for the individual participants but also for the companies and institutions as a whole.

The SILVA India Corporate workshops can assist in

* Improving the overall performance of the corporate body

* Reducing stress levels for all around benefits in work and life

* Enhancing time management skills for greater productivity and better work life balance

* Better quality sleep, better health and less sick leave

* Improving sales and maintaining motivation

* Creating a harmonious workplace environment

* Using visualisation and affirmations to help reach career and company goals

* Increase in revenue generation for a company or individual

The SILVA India Educational workshops can help in

* More effective teaching and learning

* Techniques to help develop a superpower memory and genius abilities

* Helping to increase students focus and concentration

* Better results in competitive exams

The corporate training is designed to improve and enhance the trainee’s efficiency at work, improve focus and concentration, augment inner drive, overcome mental blocks, attain inner peace, reduce stress, and improve productivity, team work & loyalty in your organization.

By energizing the corporate body, everyone can approach business procedures with a positive and relaxed state of mind thus achieving more success.

Many business organizations and educational institutions regularly conduct SILVA workshops because they get results. SILVA helps to create happy, successfully functioning employees and students 

* SILVA helps individuals eliminate stress which leads to better health - which means less time off work due to illness, resulting in greater productivity

* Less stress and tension means greater success in concentrating at work which further adds to an individual's ability to perform optimally and give quality performance

* SILVA helps enhance intuitive and creative thinking. An intuitive person who is a creative thinker can make more effective decisions which will ultimately enhance the bottom-line as well as help rake in customer satisfaction and high profits for the company

*SILVA provides effective techniques for time management and enhanced quality sleep so that workers can be energised and alert

*Using the SILVA tools individuals can use affirmations and visualisation to help achieve goals and reach career success

All over India, we offer SILVA workshops and seminars for both corporate business, small business, business managers, staff, sales teams, entrepreneurs, students as well as educational institutes. These workshops can be customised and focused to increase organization productivity and multiply revenues exponentially for your company. For business and corporate clients, SILVA can help can analyse, identify, and advise your business on effective methods of reaching your target goal, as well as assist in helping staff with increased motivation and inspiration, all while promoting a productive, positive, relaxed work environment. 

With its wide range of tools and techniques, and time tested effectiveness, SILVA is a formidable weapon both in the work place, as well as in the educational arena, in an increasingly competitive world. 

Over the last 25 years our clients include :


Ernst & Young India

My FM Radio 

UB Spirits

ITC Sonar

Raj Bhavan Governer’s office, Kolkata

Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

JM Financial Mutual Fund

Lucknow Management Association


Jindal Steel

and many more!

If you would like to arrange a SILVA workshop at your workplace or educational institution

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